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Save the Bees

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the problem with having short hair is…it doesn’t stay short

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Outlines of British fungology; containing characters of above a thousand species of Fungi, and a complete list of all that have been described as natives of the British Isles. By the Rev. M. J. Berkeley. on Flickr.

explanation of plates > .http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/78151#page/17/mode/1up
Publication info London,L. Reeve,1860.
Contributing Library:
NCSU Libraries
BioDiv. Library

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kill the imposter

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Twitter / curetencho: ストリートビューに写ってた謎の生物 #wf2014s #ワン …

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wow i almost forgot what it was like to look at my dashboard and have pictures actually load. I have returned from why-even-bother shitty internet to mediocre-at-best internet hooray

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  1. Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko
  2. Grey Tree Frog 
  3. Grey Cicada 
  4. Casque head Chameleon 
  5. Lichen Spider
  6. Underwing Moth
  7. Peppered Moth
  8. Owl Fly Larva
  9. Eastern Screech Owl 

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pearl-nautilus replied to your post “My mom’s cat (who lived with me for a year before he basically adopted…”

That’s horrible, and I’m sorry so sorry :(. I have them in my neighborhood and my cat only gets to go out in the yard because of the high-ish fence and the fact that he’s too spatially dysfunctional to jump it.

Yeah, the weird thing is we’ve never seen any in her neighborhood before. They live fairly close but it’s miles until the places you eventually see them. But since there’s a really bad drought I think they might be going to more populated areas to get water, plus it was trash night. My kitties don’t get to go outside because we get foxes/raccoons/skunks and there have been mountain lion sightings in the area. 

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Purple #coral #fungi . Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. #nature #rsa_nature #nepa

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My mom’s cat (who lived with me for a year before he basically adopted her and her house) was killed by a coyote the other night. I’m really fucking bummed.

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Driving back to northern California in 100+ degree weather with no ac. Windows down barely helps, it’s like hot flowing air rather than hot still air. Everything’s so fucking dry.

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Sunrise the other morning.

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Hibiscus sketch

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