Fiery Throated Hummingbird in Costa Rica by SAMBOBBINGI saw this post going around with thousands of notes and no source. After some digging, I found the bird photographer running a tiny blog with 38 followers. Always include the source, people.

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please don’t tease carnivorous plants like this!!!! it takes enormous amounts of their energy to dissolve the insects that they need to survive and it takes days to process them!!! when you do this you’re wasting all of their energy and pretty much starving them!!!!!

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Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) by ER Post on Flickr.

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lacloserie: Simon Griffiths Photographer

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These gardens are a great solution if you are lacking in good soil: especially if you live in an urban area with soil that is contaminated by things like glass, run-off or other waste.

Straw Bale Gardens teaches gardening in a way that isn’t only new but is thoroughly innovative and revolutionary to home gardening. It solves every impediment today’s home gardeners face: bad soil, weeds, a short growing season, watering problems, limited garden space, and even physical difficulty working at ground level. Developed and pioneered by author and garden expert Joel Karsten, straw bale gardens create their own growing medium and heat source so you can get an earlier start. It couldn’t be simpler or more effective: all you need is a few bales of straw, some fertilizer, and some seeds or plants, and you can create a weedless vegetable garden anywhere—even in your driveway.

Find it: USA / Canada / UK & Europe

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the flowers of holland’s keukenhof gardens near lisse in spring bloom. (a sort of “modern day tulip mania" — shout out to econ historians.) photos by (click pic) yves hermanpeter femtodaily overviewguilhem de cooman, rdevo58, frans sellies, edwin jones, and allard schager 

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"The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair. "
—Louise Bourgeois [via]

its true! especially mending things in beautiful ways, giving them prolonged life and personalisation, gives me a sweet satisfaction

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Acanthopyge | ©usageology

Acanthopyge is an extinct genus of trilobite that lived during the Devonian. 
Locality: Djebel, Issoumour. Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Age: Middle Devonian
Size: Specimen is 2.8 inches long.

Animalia - Arthropoda - Trilobita - Lichida - Lichidae - Acanthopyge Hawle & Corda, 1847

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One more image of an Octopus briareus feeding. I just can’t get over how silly this one looks!

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starfish succulent

This one has a bit of an edge to it ~LM

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Alright you know I won’t say no but it’s totally rude to steal my drink.

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Mesembryanthemum crystallinum ….. Ijskruid ….. iceplant ….. EXPLORE by jac hendrix on Flickr.

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 Here’s what I ended up planting in the insect pot I made: Pleiospilos nelii ’Royal Flush’ (front) and Adromischus cristatus (back)!

I think I’m enjoying ceramics.

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